How is Mobile Optimization leading Digital Transformation?

How is Mobile Optimization leading Digital Transformation?

A successful digital transformation program starts and finishes with establishing a mobile-first culture[1]

Digital Transformation and big Bata analytics are the hottest topics around, as we see more companies embracing change and technology solutions to stay competitive. It is a fact that digital disruption represents huge opportunities for traditional industries. However, it also implies profound changes in the strategy and the business and operations models.

New technologies combined with data provide an opportunity for businesses to grow, operate more efficiently and develop new markets[2]. And mobile technology is the protagonist in this digital transformation. As some experts defend, a successful digital transformation program starts and finishes with establishing a mobile-first culture.

However, mobile transformation should not only be about optimizing the company website for mobile devices; but about optimizing the company for mobility itself.[3] Mobility represents the freedom and flexibility to work, operate and shop anywhere anytime. It involves the flexibility for businesses to hire talent and close business deals from across the globe. It means global scalability.

As businesses pursue digital transformation, they’re turning to mobile initiatives to engage their customers and increase employee productivity. Mobile technology changes the way companies reach and approach customers. It transforms commercial and internal business operations, and it even changes how the employees engage and move around with their daily work lives. And all of this can be possible thanks to the ubiquity and power of mobile devices, which make them the primary means of accessing digital information for consumer and business use.

eMarketer found mobile access accounted for 2 hours, 54 minutes of an average adult’s non-voice device usage in 2015. These mobile interactions are enabling continuous data capture from social media, purchases and client engagement. Companies can use this data to better understand and interact with customers based on previous behavior, context and location; hence transforming and improving all stakeholders relationships and the business itself. Staying ahead of the change is what makes companies successful in their industries. Go mobile. Go strong.

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