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OPI Digital Group is a Venture Builder focused on developing and expanding high-potential Startups World Wide.

Our focus is the creation of innovative companies with highly scalable business models. We analize the most promising technologies, business trends, and potential markets in order to develop the most exciting solutions to fulfill the new generation needs. All our ventures are born with a global flavour in mind, and planned to create the highest value growth. We perform lean startup operational best practices as the fastest road to success. Our core expertise is the Business Strategy, Investment Management and International expansion, leading our startups from their planning stage until their globalization.


In order to transform our ventures into a global success we provide a deep understanding of International markets, and develop the best business strategy adapted to each one of them, so we can generate the highest value growth for our investors.

Business Strategy

We develop an adapted strategy for every venture in each specific market. This enables us to reduce both time-to-market and break-even time, and maximize short-term and long-term value growth.

Investment Management

We manage the investments of the first phases of the startup business, from seed capital, pre-series A and series A funding, minimizing any potential risks and providing the highest value growth and the best exit plan for our investors.

International Expansion

We provide an adapted market entry strategy to primary markets of focus, including determination of target customer and channel strategy, resource allocation, product and service value offerings, brand positioning, and creation of an operating model.

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Market research is our key success factor to develop the best strategy of a new venture for a given market. This team identifies and analyzes each market needs, size and competition by using both qualitative and quantitative market research techniques.



Our strategy team is in charge of the business planning for all ventures, driven by the market research (solution, industry, competitive and customer analysis) to develop the business plan (Marketing, Management, Operations and Financial plans)

PR &


Our PR & Communications experts provide a deep understanding of every venture’s customers and needs in order to develop the start-up branding, and try to influence the market opinion and behavior through the use of all forms of media and communication.



Our Human Resource department selects the most qualified resources for a given venture and market, and leads their competence development. They implement our mission, goals and values to spread our culture across all the ventures from the group .

Sales &


Our Sales & Marketing department develops the sales & marketing plan for all the ventures, defines the execution approach for a given market, and manages the marketing and sales plan execution, in order to fulfill the targets established in the business plan schedules.



The software factory is responsible of the Software development of the different products, from BETA releases until Commercial products, as well as implementing the features roadmap according to the business plan schedules.



The Innovation Lab is in charge of analysing new ideas and concepts, developing the Software prototypes, organizing market and solution’s focus groups, and leading the specification of the new products and features roadmap for every venture.



The Business Support department provides all the additional services necessary to support the business on a daily basis for every venture, including legal services, and both accounting and administration services.

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Marco Hernaiz

Marco Hernaiz

Founder & CEO

Marco Hernaiz is a former TV & Media International Director from Ericsson, with more than 15 years experience in management on some of the biggest IT multinationals and Operators world wide.

Mireya Lumbreras

Mireya Lumbreras

Investor Relations & PR

Mireya Lumbreras is a technology entusiast with great international experience. She is responsible managing all communications between the company's corporate management and its investors.

John Henriksson

John Henriksson

Chief Technology Officer

John Henriksson is a technology expert with more than 15 years in the Information Technology arena, MBA from London Business School, and a deep background on management and technology strategy.


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