Indonesia leading mobile-first market

Indonesia leading mobile-first market

The number of internet users in the South East Asia keeps growing at a fast speed of more than 30% annual rate. In the last 12 months, there were 80 million new users in the region, and mobile internet seems to be driving much of this growth.

The Indonesian market is a real example of this mobile-first new trend. With 70 % of web pages views through smartphones versus 28 % via laptops and desktops, the country is leading the region in this field. In fact, a major part of this growth is taking place outside the major urban centres and in rural areas, where smartphones are often people’s first and only access to the Internet.

The high price of laptops and easy access to smartphones has favored an industry development towards a mobile market. This new scenario is full of uncovered opportunities where users are more comfortable with apps download and mobile browsing. Mobile commerce seems to be the next step. However, the market has still some gaps to overcome before.

Meanwhile, mobile social media keeps growing by 34% mobile monthly active users year-on-year growth. In this regard, social media could speed up the public’s embrace of new commercial and fintech possibilities through mobile friendly apps directly connected to social networks. In a country where the number of Facebook users has already reached first global position, it would make sense to follow a similar path to the Chinese industry development through WeChat. And brands’ direct engagement with customers could undoubtedly also take big advantage of this mobile and social industry new direction.

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