OPI signs partnership agreement with Teknotera

OPI signs partnership agreement with Teknotera

The frame agreement will oversee the development and adaptations of some of the ventures from OPI Digital Group in South East Asia, that will be executed by PT TEKNOLOGI TERAPAN INDONESIA (Teknotera).

OPI Digital Group and PT TEKNOLOGI TERAPAN INDONESIA have signed today, 9th March 2017, the frame agreement by which Teknotera will carry out some of the new development activities in Indonesia. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia, and established in 2013, TEKNOTERA is a new and creative Information Technology company that focuses its activity on software development and systems integration. TEKNOTERA team is formed by professionals with long experience in international large scale IT projects both in public and private sectors.

OPI´s CEO Marco Hernaiz is happy to announce the recent collaboration in development and looks forward to a long-term relationship involving different future initiatives in the country. ¨We are happy to be working together with Teknotera as they have an excellent track record that proves best quality in their services, efficiency and flexibility. All of these fundamental to us at this stage¨

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