Tenant VIP

Tenant VIP

TenantVIP is an INTEGRATED BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (IBMS) that provides a full ecosystem specially designed to enhance the tenants lifestyle in residential apartments, office buildings and shopping malls. Tenant is an ALL-IN-ONE future-proof solution that implements open standards for full integration with already existing systems, as well as future independent solutions from third parties. Tenant includes Next Generation IBMS capabilities on energy and cost savings, along with enhanced security, and Big Data Analytics, in order 01 to provide automatic and continuous efficiency improvement

Buildings Quality perception is provided by the opinion of the tenants who live or work inside. Improving the user experience of the tenants creates a brand reputation and provides a competitive advantage over other buildings. Operational expenses of buildings imply a significant monthly cost. TENANT Provides a continuous efficiency optimization that translates into direct cost savings. Analysis of the data collected, and the direct interaction with the tenants allows to improve overall management of the building. Understanding your tenants is key to maintain a long term relationship.

Our approach is focused on enhancing the Tenant lifestyle, understanding their behavior through Data Analytics, and providing the best User experience. Our main driver is to create the most scalable and cost efficient platform, including best existing solutions to continuously improve overall ecosystem. We use Lean Startup Methodologies in order to provide the best flexibility and a quicker adaptation to business, market and technology trends on IBMS. Our open architecture supports leading open industry standards including BACnet, Niagara™, OPC®, LonWorks and Modbus.

For more information on this venture, please visit www.tenantvip.com or contact us at info@tenantvip.com

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