Raising Ventures

Raising Ventures

Raising Ventures is a startup incubation platform that enables entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into fundable business through a 10 weeks online program that includes ad-hoc training and advisory, online mentorship, and a set of innovation tools that guide them from the ideation stage to fundraising. Raising ventures is mainly focused on developing markets, an area that will grow at a CAGR of 46.87% during the period 2016-2020.

The platform includes a set of startup tools to guide entrepreneurs through the innovation process, starting with our Ideation framework with business model Canvas validation, a set of predefined project templates for each type of business, co-founders matching, MVP prototyping, financial planning, growth hacking and legal affairs. Additionally, our toolbox provides a business execution framework to help the founding team execute faster than ever before, tracking and managing the most important activities and KPIs during the initial phases of the company.

Each venture is different, so we enable different financing options adapted to each venture type, providing the best solution for entrepreneurs to reach their target. We provide the marketing and promotion tools to develop a followers base, collect potential users opinions, and influence potential investors. The campaign manager allows the entrepreneur to launch their campaigns in the most efficient way, with integrated analytics and rewards management to empower the final impact. The mobile application is fully integrated with the platform to provide real-time information and configuration of the campaigns.

For more information on this venture, please visit www.raisingventures.com or contact info@raisingventures.com