The Indonesian market will be the starting point for OPI Digital Group´s first venture in South East Asia, a solution fully developed thinking on that specific region. The platform combines targeted marketing and augmented reality to empower the heart of the region´s lifestyle motors: the shopping malls.

The growing asian mid-class and the income per capita has increased the purchasing power and consumism amongst urban population in most big cities of South-East Asia. These factors have contributed to a new retail organization in malls and mega malls inside these cities that have strongly impacted the urban lifestyle.

Shopping malls are nowadays the centre of people’s lifestyle in asia, becoming not only centers of entertainment and shopping, but also main social activities centers. This mall phenomenon has transformed the way of socializing, and also the urban design and development. Indonesia, with a total population over 260 million people, and an Internet penetration of 34% (88 million active internet users), is a clear example of such transformations.

Only in Jakarta there are over 75 malls, with more than 200 all over the country. Taking into account that an average mall of 100,000 square meters and 500 stores attracts around 100,000 people every day, this accounts for over 100.000 stores and 20 million daily customers all over Indonesia. Therefore, shopping malls in Indonesia have become the real competition centers for brands to stand out and communicate with their customers. This is why OPI Digital Group has chosen Indonesia as the first country to launch Mallness, an innovative and efficient way for these retail chains to attract new customers, connect directly with them and get a better understanding of their needs.

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