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Mireya Lumbreras is a marketing specialist with international experience in both European and South East Asia markets. She is a technology enthusiast with a passion for developing new ideas, and adapting products and marketing concepts into different markets.

With a background in PR, Communications, Sales and Marketing, Mireya Lumbreras is the CMO of the group, responsible of Marketing & Sales and PR & Communications teams at OPI Digital Group. Mireya has worked for the last three years in several initiatives in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Thanks to her experience in South East Asia, Mireya has a deep understanding of cultural and consumer behavior attitudes in the region. She believes that direct contact with users and potential clients are key to build a trusted and strong image as well as a two way relationship. ¨Trust and efficiency in execution are funfamental values in Asia. We want to deliver best of quality and successful products and only building an image that generates confidence we can support our portfolio and conquer our market share¨