OPI Digital Group hires new CMO

OPI Digital Group hires new CMO

The group has just appointed Mireya Lumbreras as the new head of the Marketing and Communications Department as it sets base to embark upon its new ventures in South East Asia.

South East Asia´s internet economy and digital commerce potential has proliferated-multiplied the number of startups and players in the market as well as sharpened competition amongst them. Marketing efforts have become a must as companies try to differentiate their services-products from the competitors and a Marketing / Communications figure appeared crucial for OPI Digital group since its ventures start.

With a background in PR, Communications and Marketing, Mireya Lumbreras will be the responsible for the Marketing & Sales and PR & Communications team at OPI Digital Group. Mireya has international experience in the European and the South East Asia markets, where she has worked for the last 3 years involved in projects in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. She is an IT startups and media enthusiast and likes to adapt new ideas, products and marketing concepts into different markets.

OPI Digital Group believes that a strong and innovative business strategy and marketing execution are key factors to survive in this fast moving market. Exhaustive market researches and consumer behavior analysis will back up each of the initiatives launched by the group.

Identifying the right services or products that not only fill in the gaps from the market but that can hit the jackpot is no easy task, but yet possible. The Spanish group is confident that new join Mireya Lumbreras will bring a young and fresh energy that will boost in-house creativity and reinforce the company´s image in the region.