OPI Digital Group steps in South-East Asia

OPI Digital Group steps in South-East Asia

The region´s prospects in the IT scene and its consumers´ online social behavior look promising to the group´s new projects launch.

As the Asian Giant grows at high rates, the IT startups scenario seems to keep growing at no speed limit in the South-East Asia. OPI Digital Group believes it is the right place and time to explore new opportunities and implement new business models.

Figures are promising and the group´s energy is very fresh. With an internet usage penetration of 41% and a population of 640 million people, the Spanish group steps in the region with confidence.

South-East Asia users are at the top of social media use and mobile connections. They are mobile friendly and gaming world leaders. It is the population that spends more time connected and as technology acceptance leaders, they are open to new on line services and e-commerce possibilities.

With the goal of developing and launching innovative products that can rapidly escalate and expand into the global markets, OPI digital Group targets the region as the optimal market to fire off some of its new ventures, and putting into practice their motto: It´s not about ideas, it´s about making ideas happen. We are ready to take off.